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VR Apps and Games

On Your Face VR Goggles let you experience virtual reality by using your Android* or Apple smartphone, the powerful miniature computer you already have in your pocket!

All the apps listed here are available free from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Watch 360° and 3D VR videos. Virtually travel the world with panoramic VR tours. Watch normal videos on the big screen in a virtual cinema app. Take virtual reality photos with your phone and view them with VR goggles.

Teachers, use VR in your classroom and run virtual reality lessons that you control.

Virtual Tours

Google StreetView (Android and Apple)

StreetView Icon

The Google StreetView app supports VR goggles. Just install the app from your app store, find the place you would like to view in VR, then tap the VR icon at the top right of the screen.

If the scene you are viewing was shot with the Google cameras, you will also be able to move around by placing the navigation arrow on the ground some distance from you and tapping on the trigger touchpad on the VR goggles.

Sites in VR (Android and Apple)

Sites in VR Icon

Sites in VR let's you view many really high quality panoramic VR images of interesting locations from around the world. Palaces, tombs, mosques, castles, museums, parks and more. Virtual tourism never looked so good!

360° and 3D VR video

YouTube (Android and Apple)

YouTube icon

YouTube supports VR video in both 360° and 360° 3D format. There are a lot of VR videos on YouTube. The site even has a dedicated VR video channel called "3D-VR-360 VIDEOS".

Just open the YouTube app on your phone and search for VR to find tons of video. When you have a video you would like to watch, open it and tap the VR icon to switch to VR mode.

Vimeo (Android and Apple)

Vimeo supports VR video and uses some secret sauce to give a really nice quality on playback. What's more, you can go into the app settings and enable HD downloads, then download your VR videos in all their superb quality for offline viewing at your convenience. This capability makes Vimeo well suited to use for showcasing VR video when you need it and can't be sure of having high speed Internet available.

Vimeo has a channel of curated VR video at https://vimeo.com/channels/360vr

Just install the latest version of the Vimeo app from your app store and you can start watching top quality virtual reality videos.

VeeR (Android and Apple)

The VeeR app gives you access to over 10,000 4K VR videos, panoramic photos & interactive experiences. There is enough content here to keep you exploring for ages, with more being added faster than you can possibly view it.


 Chomp VR (Android only)

Chomp VR icon

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be PacMan? Chomp VR is a clone of the classic game where you actually run around inside the maze gathering points and avoiding ghosts.

Need for Jump (Android Only)

Steer your way around multiple puzzle levels collecting gold coins, steering with your headset. Physically jump to jump in the game.

Voxel Fly (Android and Apple)

An endless flying game, steer through obstacles, collect score and get as far as you can without wiping out.

More interesting VR apps

Cardboard Camera (Android and Apple)

This amazing little app let's you take a panoramic photo with your phone, then crunches it to make a stereoscopic (3D) VR panorama that you can view through your VR goggles. No special camera required!

Reality Hacker (Android only)

This app applies special effects to the input from your phone camera and displays the result in your VR goggles. It lets you view the world with psychedelic effects like cartoon colours and edge highlights.

Google Expeditions (Android and Apple)

Educational VR app with over 1,000 lessons available, covering subjects like maths, history, museums, war, careers, science, biology and more. This app has a remote control capability that lets the teacher control the experience in the classroom.

You can create your own VR expeditions and share them with others. We have made a detailed instructional video on how to use this software. The video can be seen on The Virtual Space website.


* Android phones need a gyro sensor for VR apps