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On Your Face VR Goggles

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On Your Face VR Goggles

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On Your Face VR Goggles, exclusive to The Virtual Space, are designed and made in South Africa. Insert your Android* or Apple smartphone into these goggles and experience a huge range of different VR apps.

Robust and high quality, these virtual reality headsets create interest, engagement and buzz at events or in the classroom.

Custom brand On Your Face VR Goggles for a great giveaway at your next event. Your brand will leap out with bright, durable full colour print. Your clients will be happy to get a fun and exciting gift with many different uses.

These VR goggles are made with top quality components. Tough polymer construction ensures they will look good representing your brand for years to come.

Many free VR apps are available on the Android Play store and Apple App store.

Detailed, clear English instructions with pointers to popular VR apps are included with each VR headset.

Lots of VR games are available. Add a Bluetooth game controller to experience even more.

Experience 360° and 360° 3D VR videos. Watch normal videos on a virtual big screen in virtual cinema apps. Visit exotic locations and go on virtual tours. Experience real time graphics effects.

Use your smartphone camera with this VR headset to take and view virtual reality photos.

If you are involved in education, use On Your Face VR Goggles for education in the classroom. You can even  create your own virtual tours! See our detailed instructional video here.

* Android phones need a gyro sensor for VR apps